CHIROMANCER in studio, T. Rittmann engineers (center)

CHIROMANCER in studio, T. Rittmann engineers (center)

CHIROMANCER is a plate-juggly art rock duo from Oakland, CA: Evelyn Davis (Frankenixon, Cheer-Accident) Vox and Nord, and incredible drummer Charlie Werber (Guzzlemug, Murmur)





VOZZT is an Bay Area-based electro-acoustic duo melding improvisaton with song. 

Evelyn Davis is an improvisor, inside pianist/pianist, organist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter, and vocalist/synthesist.

Jeanie-Aprille Tang is [amma ateria] an electro-acoustic improviser. Natural and synthetic worlds are the polar opposites in her sonic practice.



Frankenixon was Evelyn's progressive/pop band active from roughly 1999-2005. Amorphous, the last of two full-length records,an EP, and a 7-inch, can be found on Spotify, and is still available for purchase on the internet, though only God knows who gets your money if you buy it.